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The Grand Canyon (Travel Series #4)

If there was ever such a thing as a “jaw dropping moment,” it was the first time we both laid eyes on this place, and we’ve got the pictures & the memories (& the tips!) to prove it. Read more here…

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@advanture.buddy: Bathroom & Toilet

After debating on whether or not to have a bathroom and a shower, we opted for a bathroom only (we heard from other vanlifers that it tends to become a storage closet instead, we plan on spending winter in the van and plumbing would have been a pain, etc). The framing itself was pretty simple: We decided to keep the wall between the front bench and the bathroom thin (to save on space) and the wall between the bed and the bathroom is framed with 1x3's, which enabled us to put some cutouts in...

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Yosemite (Travel Series #1)

Now, considering that Yosemite is magnificent and awe-inspiring and mythical and jaw-dropping, we could go on about it all day (and night, and week, and month). But, in an effort to save you (and ourselves) from miniature novels, we're just going to share our favorite memories (The Highs), our most memorable challenges (The Not-So-Highs), and the best tips, tricks, & lessons we picked up along the way (What We Learned)…

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