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Renee on the Road: Day Two (The Reroute)
Our First Van: Dreaming Big in a Small Rig

Our first "van" only looks like a 2005 Ford Escape XLT is. While we were saving serious money for our actual van, Angie (named after Angela Montenegro, thanks to Renee's obsession with Bones) was our main mode of transportation to all things camping and nature related, and though she's no longer used as a regular camping vehicle, we still love her.

However, we did start The Van Lifers when Angie was all we had. It was nerve-wracking at first: could we be "vanlifers" if all we had was an SUV?...

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Building Angela: Turning Our SUV into a Camping Rig

During a particularly bad week at work, I attempted to keep myself centered by taking big deep breaths and thinking back to all of the camping adventures I'd taken with Nick and how calming, soothing, and freeing those trips felt. I knew I needed this job to save up money to fund our big, fluffy van life dreams, and I reminded myself that this week, this confusion, this lack-of-ability-to-allocate-my-own-time-to-activities-of-my-choosing would not last forever. And I suddenly knew which project to channel my irritation into...

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