Las Vegas & Red Rocks (Travel Series #3)

The Highs

Renee: So much awesome bouldering in Red Rocks! I also top roped outdoors for the first time (which was terrifying and took me four tries and 45 minutes on an easy route, but heyyyy it still counts); one of our good friends comped us a room at the new W hotel which was hella nice and…interestingly decorated (think Sistine Chapel meets Cardi B, but in a way that works. See photos); and of course, my #1 favorite thing about Vegas: it has a Shake Shack. Fried chicken sandwiches and peanut butter milkshakes on repeat, thx.

Nick: Climbing in Red Rocks, and belaying/watching Renee do her first outdoor top rope route; hotel bar hopping around The W and taking the shuttle train to Shake Shack!

The Not-So-Highs

Renee: We didn't get to camp in Red Rocks, and I really missed sleeping under the stars! Plus Vegas itself gets really old, really quick. Our last hotel was at the entrance to Freemont Street and bands would start at 11PM, and I go to bed at 9PM now because that's where I'm at in life, and I no longer know how to rave, and everybody just needs to be quiet so I can sleep. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Nick: What Renee said...getting a hotel across from Freemont Street -- it was suspiciously low-priced, and we quickly found out why.

What We Learned

Renee: Never (ever) overstay your welcome in Vegas if you want to go there again without hating it and hating yourself (I'm serious, three days MAX). I also learned that I can top rope outdoors (!!!), that bouldering in the desert is BOMB, and that going to Red Rocks any later than May is probably gonna be real hot.

Nick: To only EVER go back to the Vegas Strip to get Shake Shack, and to trust Renee when she says, "If we only get one milkshake, I am NOT going to share," because she means it, and you won't get any, and you'll fight about it afterwards.