Alone Together: Being in a Relationship & Being On Your Own
Renee on the Road: Day Two (The Reroute)
"What Have I Done?": The Story of Quitting My Job to Become a Digital Nomad

Today is a big day. It's the kind of day that I'll remember. It'll become an anniversary to celebrate; a milestone to recognize; a turning point in my life that will mark a "before" and an "after." Today, January 15th,  is my first day as a self-employed, freelancing, entrepreneurial woman. I feel bold, I feel brave, I feel totally badass, and most of all...I feel nervous af. Read more…

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The Grand Canyon (Travel Series #4)

If there was ever such a thing as a “jaw dropping moment,” it was the first time we both laid eyes on this place, and we’ve got the pictures & the memories (& the tips!) to prove it. Read more here…

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He Said Yes: Our (Pretty Friggin' Cute) Engagement Story

She asked, he said yes. We got engaged in our van, at a van life rally, and the story only gets better (and cuter, let’s be real) from there. Get your daily dose of lovin’ right here, and read on!

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