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Nick (The Navigator)

Nick is a hiker, mountain biker, camping, outdoor enthusiast. He strives for minimalism, appreciates a good podcast, and completely loses his mind during the Patriots NFL season (he's from Boston). He loved building Big Blue so much that now he builds out vans and buses for a living, and is an avid reader, eater, and rock climber (he met Alex Honnold once and it was a big deal). All of his hair is on his face and chest instead of his head, and that's the way Renee likes it.


Renee (The Entertainment)

Renee was raised in Asheville, NC (a rare native!) and has loved the mountains and the outdoors all her life. She is a web designer and she also has a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, an addiction to chocolate cake, and an obsession with her dog, her fiance, and the Harry Potter book series. Her hobbies include drinking coffee, quoting Ron Swanson, and accidentally giving Nick the wrong directions while stubbornly insisting that she is right. 


Wade (The Wild Child)

Wade is the furry dog-child of the family, and is currently the cutest of the Van Lifers trio. True to his border collie heritage, he is a bundle of energy and is always up for a good jog or two (or five). His current hobbies include fetch, food, and literally nothing else besides those two things. He allows his parents to cuddle with him in the early morning and late at night, but not during the day because he’s very busy playing and doesn’t have the time for cuddles, thank you very much.

A Love Story


We kissed on a couch in Asheville back in March 2016 while Dave Matthews "Dreamgirl" played over the speakers, and we've been working really hard to never be that cheesy again. Despite our romantic kickstarter in Asheville, Nick lived in San Diego finishing up in the Navy, and Renee lived in Boone, NC finishing up graduate school. Skype dates happened regularly and love happened fast, and as soon as she graduated, Renee moved to San Diego, and the adventuring commenced immediately. After a month-long road trip from San Diego back to Asheville in Spring 2017 (with stops in Yosemite, Zion, the Grand Canyon, and more), we were hooked on the nomadic lifestyle, and Nick mentioned this concept of "vanlife" that seemed to be gathering steam... (cue *the rest is history*). So now instead of making out on couches, we make out in a Sprinter instead.

Our Big Blue Van

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This big blue beauty is a 2007 Freightliner Sprinter and we own her and that will probably never stop being exciting. Plus we bought her on Halloween, so now we have an even better excuse to eat candy that day (Vanniversaries deserve numerous Reese's Peanut Butter ghosts obviously). We're in the build process now, gorging on YouTube videos and stalking the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram more intensely than we even stalked each other when we started dating. It's fun and frustrating and rewarding and discouraging and exciting, and all of the things, and we love it. We're mostly just stoked to be working toward a common goal (full-time traveling!) with a lot of passion and zest (for the build, not just making out).  Our blog and Instagram (@thevanlifers) will have all the good deets as progress continues!