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We love to hear from folks! Give us a shout with comments, tips, tricks, places to go, van things to build, dog training to try (we probably need that the most), or just travel stories of your own that you'd like to share. The traveling community is the best community and we love being a part of it, and hearing from it! (If you represent a brand, note that in the subject line below, if you please!).

If you are interested in contributing to our Build Series Library, we'd like to say two things: 1) THANK YOU! We're so excited to read about what you have to say! And 2) let us know in the subject line so that we can stay organized and get back to you ASAP.

If you're nearby the area we're in, give a shout here or on our Instagram! We love meeting up and talking to fellow van lifers, travelers, hikers, netflixers, cake-eaters, dog-lovers, beer-drinkers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike :)


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